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No longer supported as of March, 2021. Thanks for the years of support and enthusiasm! It was a good run...
Try Gixen for your sniping needs; I respect the author a lot, and they've been doing it around as long as I had.


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May 25, 2014
JBidwatcher 2.5.6

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January 13, 2016
JBidwatcher 2.99pre5
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The best Java IDE

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How to use multisniping

Simply put, multisniping allows you to set a conditional snipe on multiple items, where as soon as you win one snipe, it CANCELS the rest of the snipes in the multisnipe group.

The rest of this will tell you how to set up a multisnipe, how to add items to a multisnipe, and change per-item snipe prices, and remove items from multisnipes.

For any place where I need to talk about a particular item, I'll use the Ty Beanie Baby Sakura Bear as my multisniping example even though I know absolutely zero about beanie babies. Please, feel free to mentally substitute your own preferred items of interest in place of that.

First, you start off by adding a set of auctions to JBidwatcher either by dragging and dropping each of them, pasting them, or using eBay's search feature, copying the URL that results and pasting it into JBidwatcher's 'load from URL' feature. One way or another, you get a number of auctions that you're interested into JBidwatcher.

Now, you hilight all of them in the UI by holding CTRL and selecting those particular items you're interested in. Now right click, and select 'Snipe'. Since you've selected multiple items, it automatically does a multisnipe.

The first box is only a little different than the typical Snipe input box. Mainly it points out what the highest current bid of all of the items you selected was, noting that you'll have to beat that price in order to win at least that item. This is only a suggestion, however. You can bid lower than that, you just definitely won't win the auction which is already at that value.

Once you've picked the price you're willing to pay, hit enter or click OK. It now takes you to a color selection screen. Color selection is just to let you know that different auctions on your screen are part of a multisnipe group. I highly recommend picking distinctive colors for each group, that way you can know their status at a glance.

After you've picked a color, the items you've selected will have 'Multi: ' and a price in the 'Max' column, and the background color for that text will be the color you selected. If the price doesn't show up, try expanding the Max column a bit.

Now, when the first item comes within a few seconds (customizable in the configuration tab for Sniping) of the end of the auction, it will do the usual snipe. If that snipe fails, or the auction ends without you being the winner, it doesn't do anything special. If the snipe succeeds, and you are the winner after the auction is complete, then it cancels the rest of the snipes that were in the same group of items to snipe on.

Before I continue, a quick caveat emptor, in the most literal sense... If your snipe timer is longer than the time between auction closes, then it is not only possible, but LIKELY that the next auction will be sniped before the first auction is completed, even if you are still high bidder on the first auction.

A concrete example is in order. If I am bidding on true_beaniepower's 'Sakura Bear Pristine Condition' auction, which ends at 15:39:10, and super_beanie_secret's 'Mint Sakura Bear!', which ends at 15:39:21, and my snipe timer is set to 30 seconds, there are only 11 seconds between the closes of the auctions. At 15:38:40, a snipe will be fired on true_beaniepower's auction. At 15:38:51, a snipe will be fired on super_beanie_secret's auction, because the first auction hasn't completed yet, and there's no way to know if you've won yet. So don't multisnipe on auctions that complete too close to each other, or you'll snipe on both, which is very rarely the outcome you want.

Adding new items to already existing multisnipe groups
Simply select an item that is already part of the existing group, and the new item, right-click, and select 'Snipe'. The new item will be automatically added to the multisnipe group, along with the color change and everything.

Changing the snipe value per item
Sometimes you want any item in a set of items, but some are more or less valuable to you. So let's say you want a Sakura Bear, any one is fine. You multisnipe on five mint, and two good condition ones, and you enter in a price that is reasonable for the mint ones. You'd rather not snipe that much for the merely good quality ones. You can select each of those items individually, and enter a new snipe value for it. Do not select multiple items to re-price, it will create a new snipe group.

Cancelling a multisnipe
In order to cancel all entries in a multisnipe, you have to select them all, right click, and choose 'Cancel Snipe'. If you leave one entry, it will still consider itself a multisnipe group, and you could add new items to it through Adding new items